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Re: Professional Workstation

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Yep, positive.  The purpose of the road show was to pitch Oracle on HPUX
and Itanium as well as RHAS and Oracle on Itanium.  The conversation then
turned to Red Hat Professional Workstation also being released for Itanium
and only being available from the hardware vendors for their approved
hardware, and that it would only be supported on the approved hardware,
which was all Itanium2.
But, I agree with you, and strongly feel that HP is shooting themselves in
both feet by killing the Alpha and the PA-RISC processors.  I work in a
shop of enterprise class machines all running Tru64 on Alphas.  There is no
way under the sun that we are EVER going to put Itaniums on the floor in
place of the Alphas.  1. The technology is way too new.  It may be the
fastest and greatest processor ever imagined but it hasn't been put through
it's paces to meet our satisfaction.  Maybe in 5 years it will have been
tested enough to be trusted, but I'm afraid that they'll run out of money
before then.  2. I don't think I'm alone in feeling that Intel will never
be able to compete in the Enterprise class UNIX world.  There has been too
many hard feeling created by Intel and their cronies through the years that
many Systems Engineers would rather crawl to IBM or Sun than put an Itanium
on their raised floor.
But I did get a kick out of one of the HP guys pitching the Itanium and
saying that HP and Intel are big enough to "force standards" on the
technology market.  He didn't find it too polite that I almost fell out of
my chair laughing....

On 3/10/03 12:50 PM, "Jesse Keating" <hosting j2solutions net> wrote:

> On Monday 10 March 2003 09:34, Chris Ford wrote:
>> Professional Workstation or Enterprise workstation is going to be built for
>> the Itanium architecture workstations.
> *blink* are you sure?  Thats not the info I'm getting.  The info I'm getting
> is that almost nothing will be built for IA64, due to a huge market gap and
> no real value to producing such a beastly OS.

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