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Re: Galeon not working

On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 14:06, Joseph Phillips wrote: 
> I used the "Add/Remove Applications" utility to install the Galeon web
> browser.  After launching Galeon, I receive a popup error box with this
> message:
> Galeon can't be used now. Running the command "bonobo-slay" from the
> console may fix the problem. If not, you can try rebooting the computer
> or installing Galeon again.
> Bonobo couldn't locate the GNOME_Galeon_Automation.server. 
> Note that I am running the Gnome desktop, and I have all of Gnome and
> Gnome development packages installed on my system.  Also note, Mozilla
> runs just fine.  Has anyone else encountered this problem?  Thanks.

I know this is a silly question...
Did you try following the directions in the popup box?
1)run bonobo-slay
2)reinstalling galeon
Now personally i would add 1.1) to this and try logouting out and
logging back into the desktop before moving on to 2) or 3)...gotta save
that up2time if you can.

And it makes perfect sense that mozilla would not see this problem.
Mozilla is not a GNOME application...mozilla sits outside the GNOME
framework. Bonobo is something GNOME apps pretend to use for some
obscure reason..and galeon is very much a GNOME application. 

-jef"never understood the point of accurate recovery instructions in an
error pop-up box...all error boxes should just tell you to "smok'em if
you gott'em" and spit out a nice long hexadecimal string which encodes
the error message into a jpeg which can be viewed to see the error
message displayed to see the semaphore signal flag encoding of the the
error message in esperanto"spaleta

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