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Re: NVIDIA patches to run it on phoebe/rawhide kernels

Mike A. Harris wrote:

That RTCW lockup bug has been fixed for quite a while with the combination of our erratum kernels, and my latest X packages for 8.0 (4.2.1). The problem doesn't show up with the demo though, just the real game. Works fine for me on Radeon for 8 months or more now.

That's good to know - maybe I'll try another ATI
video card and see for myself then.

When I heard about the recent availability of 3D support for ATI
cards, I hoped the drivers had matured, but from your account,
it sounds as though the open source ATI drivers are unusable.

That very much depends on one's perception and expectations. If having a couple of 3D applications cause instability is "unuseable" then there is no such thing as stable video drivers on any OS platform.

Perhaps we have different ideas of "unusable" -
A linux system which can be locked up by an
application is absolutely unaccaptable - if I
wanted an unstable platform I would be using
ms windows, not linux -

None that I've seen anyway.

As I said, with the old voodoo 3, I could punish
the box 7 ways to sunday and play q3a or rtcw
for 12 hours at a time and there would never be
any hint of instability - the box would reboot when
I rebooted it (for kernel upgrades or hardware
maintenance) and that's the only time it rebooted.
I usually had uptimes on the order of a month or
so before getting the urge to upgrade the kernel.
BTW the box was also our mail server, firewall,
etc - not mission critical, but I'd catch bloody hell
if someone couldn't get their mail or chat with their
little online AOL freinds or browse the web.

So, I must disagree with your statement that there
are no stable video drivers -

Best Regards,


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