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Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 14:41, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 March 2003 11:25, Brent Fox wrote:
> > The Enterprise line and the changes to the support level of the consumer
> > line will allow the consumer line to move faster than in the past.  This
> > will help us address one of the most common criticisms of Red Hat Linux
> > over the years, which is that we aren't as cutting edge as some of the
> > other distros.  
> Unfortionatly, a lot of us loved Red Hat because they weren't so bleeding 
> edge, and we didn't have near as many problems w/ Red Hat's GPL releases as 
> we did with various other distributor's GPL releases.  I really hope that the 
> level of QA that went into GPL releases in the past will not drop.

We won't drop the level of QA.  If we neglect the QA on the consumer
line, it will only make the job of stabilizing the next Enterprise
release that much harder.  QA works best when it's a part of the process
of developing software as opposed to something you do just before you're
ready to ship.

However, this change does give us the ability to put in new features
earlier.  For example, we will probably ship the 2.6 kernel in the
consumer line before we would consider it ready for the Enterprise
line.  So yes, the consumer line will contain code that is less tested
than the Enterprise line, but that doesn't mean that we'll ship 2.6.0 as
soon as it comes out without making sure that it works.  

Getting the 2.6 kernel out there early will help it to stabilize faster
which benefits not just the Enterprise line, but also the next consumer
release as well as other Linux distros.  

There's public perception to consider as well.  One of the reasons why
the Enterprise line is attracting corporate customers is that Red Hat
Linux has a reputation for quality.  We're saying that the Enterprise
line takes that quality and puts even more emphasis on reliability and
supportability.  If the consumer OS were to be perceived as being low
quality to begin with, then the message about the Enterprise line would
be unconvincing.  


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