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Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

This doesn't make me feel much better.  This is just marketing hype to
cover up their push of Advanced Server.  

I went to a Red Hat demonstration a couple months ago, and rather than
explaining why Linux was a good platform, they spent the entire four
hours setting us up to push Advanced Server and RHN.  

Here's a summary of the demo:

1. Installing packages from source is difficult and uses the command
2. Installing from RPM's can be done, but it uses a command line and
managing dependencies is very difficult.
3. What a surprise-- we have something called Red Hat Network that
manages this all for you!
4. Better yet, we have Advanced Server, which is updated much more
slowly than most distributions.
5. Here's our business card.

It's a shame to see Red Hat killing their own product like this.  

My fear is that RH is going to keep encouraging Oracle and other big
companies to only certify products for Advanced Server, which means I'll
have to run Advanced Server as a desktop just to do my Oracle work. 
Should I pay Red Hat $800 a year just so I can run SQLPlus?  Maybe I'll
just switch back to Windows.

I'm scheduled to take the RHCE exam in a couple months, and I'm
seriously wondering whether I should cancel it and work on the LPIC's
instead.  I don't like the direction Red Hat is heading.

On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 15:10, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 March 2003 12:58, Brent Fox wrote:
> > There's public perception to consider as well.  One of the reasons why
> > the Enterprise line is attracting corporate customers is that Red Hat
> > Linux has a reputation for quality.  We're saying that the Enterprise
> > line takes that quality and puts even more emphasis on reliability and
> > supportability.  If the consumer OS were to be perceived as being low
> > quality to begin with, then the message about the Enterprise line would
> > be unconvincing.  
> Thank you!  This makes me feel MUCH better.
> -- 
> Jesse Keating RHCE MCSE

Ed <esimmonds speakeasy net>

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