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Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 17:30, Ed wrote:

> My fear is that RH is going to keep encouraging Oracle and other big
> companies to only certify products for Advanced Server, which means I'll
> have to run Advanced Server as a desktop just to do my Oracle work. 
> Should I pay Red Hat $800 a year just so I can run SQLPlus?  Maybe I'll
> just switch back to Windows.

Ever stop and wonder that maybe Oracle doesn't really want to have to certify
a moving target that releases every 6 months ,or even quicker? And maybe
the encouragement to build a slower paced product with a longer support
life span really is coming from outside of Red Hat....and its not just
an evil marketing conspiracy.  In a world with finite development
resources to support software, this doesn't seem an unreasonable
approach to really target markets that linux is popular with:   

Give us new new new development eyecandy...the new python version came
out a WHOLE week ago...why doesn't Red Hat roll a new release right now
so I can have it...gotta have it....mandrake has it...why doesn't redhat
have it...they are suuuuch posers.
     say the download junkies needing their fix

Give us rock-solid long-lived products meant for production lifetimes
that we can ceritify against...we want to be able to market that our
applications running on linux server clusters will be humming along
untouched for the next half centry in fact we are already garunteeing
this can happen to our customers now give us a distro that we can
actually use this way......
     say the enterprise application vendors.

What? Red Hat is actually trying to run a profitable business model,
while turning Linux into a credible enterprise solution, by trying to
actually set a market value for a spectrum of support services, in a
highly competitive market where pretty much every single one of their
users and competitors could take most if not all of the source code for
the software they package and provide the same functionality if Red Hat
cannot continue to show to its customers that its worth paying for the
support services Red Hat is offering, and at the same time offering one
of the most open and "free" corporate linux distros aimed at the
consumer available? It can't be done, there must be evil intent
  say the fanatics, who live in their communist utopias, and will never
have to face the realities of running their own business, since in their
world everyone lives off of hopes and dreams.

-jef"out of witty remarks"spaleta

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