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Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

Quoting Brent Fox <bfox redhat com>:

> Think of it like this.  The consumer OS moves quickly (a release every
> six months or so).  This is where we will try out new ideas and roll in
> the latest stuff from the open source community.  Our focus for this
> line is to drive things forward as fast as we can.  We shortened the
> support time on this line so that we can focus on rapid improvement
> rather than long-term support.
> The Enterprise line moves more slowly (a release every 12-16 months).
> Features that have proven themselves in the consumer line will be rolled
> into the Enterprise line.  The focus for this line is stability,
> security, and supportability. We expect customers to pay us for this
> additional support.
> The Enterprise line and the changes to the support level of the consumer
> line will allow the consumer line to move faster than in the past.  This
> will help us address one of the most common criticisms of Red Hat Linux
> over the years, which is that we aren't as cutting edge as some of the
> other distros.
> As you can see, eliminating the consumer OS would deprive the Enterprise
> line of the testing, debugging, and development benefits that the
> consumer OS provides.  So we have no reason to discontinue it.
> I hope the answers your questions.
> Cheers,
>    Brent


Any objection to my posting this to my local LUG's mailing list?

This is good information that I would like to share with others. I realize that
this is a "public" list, but still think that asking permission is the right
thing to do.


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