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Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

Joseph Phillips wrote:
Quoting Brent Fox <bfox redhat com>:

"We shortened the support time on [Red Hat Linux]..."

I wonder what he means by shortening the support time.  Does this mean
that Red Hat Linux will be receive less QA time, less developer
attention to debugging?  And if that is what it means, then what will be
the result?  Will Red Hat Linux become less stable, filled with more
bugs, and overall less reliable?

If the CDR functionality slipped through QA. It is possible that there will be other departures from more reliable and/or quicker programs.

I am glad that there are some advancements within the 6 month cycles for the new releases. I haven't ever had to use their support before. I do know that a lot of people do want support for the products. However, supporting very early versions would hinder the personell that could concentrate on improving the later releases. There are only so many people and a lot of different versions mean that there will be that many more different possibilities as to why the problem has arisen.

On the other hand, if I did cry out for support for the product. (Other that in public forums). I would not accept only RH developed applications to be a limiting scope for a paid for product. As an example, MP3 support.

Speaking of multimedia related issues. I got a mail from ximian that said that you could register for some conference through Linux. But you would have to be in windows to view the conference. (It sounded like their suggestion). Anyway, conferencing software will be a big plus for going after the the corporate market. (Maybe even ximian.) I don't think the particular format matters a lot. I think that the usability would, however matter.

Regarding playing mp3s through xmms. I use the plugin from their site for version RH8.0. It works for me. PLayingsongs through the GUI file manager doesn't really concern me. But having the ability through the visual shell (Midnight Commander) is a nice feature, if you are in the non-GUI arena.

About the updates from RH8.0 to Phoebe3, upon my return. I got a few items, all KDE. Is this because KDE is combining programs into larger packages? Or is there a lot of KDE enhancements going on with KDE currently?

The Red Hat Update Agent has finished installing
 the following packages successfully:



Nothing will dispel enthusiasm like a small admission fee.
		-- Kim Hubbard

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