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network response for smb,dns etc.

Sometime ago a change occured in my network responses for various
requests.  I have spent some time trying to track down the culprit.  It
happened around the time that I changed to phoebe 3 from 8.0 and added a
second network card.  I also turned on the dhcp server on my router for
my laptop (for addresses starting and all wired computers
are static below this)

all addresses not found in dns are forwarded to my gateway (linksys

ie. if i typed grroogle.com on accident instead of receiving an error it
asks for my router password because it is trying to look at my gateway

In samba my requests for a netbios name now don't work I must use the ip

ie.  smb://office doesn't work I must use smb://192.168.1.x

This compounded to my difficulty installing a windows printer it kept
saying that the samba host would not respond.  I tried many different
combinations in the definition of the server, share and ip address. 
After adding the netbios name to the /etc/hosts file it now works.  I am
not sure this is a good thing to do and I am sure it is not the intended
way to accomplish what I want.

Sorry about the organization here, since I am so puzzled I wanted to
include all info I thought might help.


Matt Whiteley <matt-whiteley attbi com>

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