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Re: Re: View as Audio

Elton Woo said:
>Check out the packages at http://www.freshrpms.net.
>These will restore mp3 support in Red Hat linux.
>Elton ;-)

You realize I'm asking about "View as audio" in
Nautilus for mp3 support, not xmms right? 

Elton also said:
>Since installing the above mpeg and xmms packages, I
>now enjoy the ability to _place_ my mouse pointer on
>an mp3 file, and getting instant playback (without
>having to actually *click* on the file).

I saw you listed those files from freshrpms, but I'm
not really sure I understand if we are talking about
the same thing.  I'm not interested in XMMS or where
you just hover over a file and have it play(I've seen
that in Dropline for Slackware), I'm interested in
fixing the specific "view as audio" mode for Nautilus.
 I'd like to be able to go through my various mp3
folders and see all the file information etc.  Did
those files you listed enable that view or did they
just allow you play mp3's in Nautilus. 



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