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Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

From: "David Krider" <david davidkrider com>
> Mike A. Harris wrote:
> I don't see this as being so exaggerated. The trick is the price-point. 
> At $300, the average person who wants to game is going to buy a console. 
> That's a lost sale. However, whatever about the person who has a nice 
> computer already sitting on his desk, and his *kid* comes along, and 
> wants to play games on it?... See, it's really hard to buy a crappy 
> computer from the likes of Dell or Gateway these days. Most of them will 
> play a lot of computer games really well.

Linux is not a multimedia ready or game ready OS compared to other tools
that are available. It's pointless to try to bend it into the game market.

Linus himself has declared that the priority for Linux is a server level
operating system. Anything that compromises server performance is tossed
out of the kernel. This includes some of the optimizations that are
required to make an OS that runs games or other "near real time" processes
efficiently and effectively.


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