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Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

jdow wrote:

Linux is not a multimedia ready or game ready OS compared to other tools
that are available. It's pointless to try to bend it into the game market.

Actually the potential of linux makes it a very nice
platform for gaming and other multimedia activities.
There's no bending involved - all we really need
is more driver support

With a few tweaks the 2.4 kernel does pretty well
latency-wise, and the 2.5 kernel is very very nice
in that regard -

Linus himself has declared that the priority for Linux is a server level
operating system.

Actually Linus has declared that the desktop is
crucial to linux long-term viability because if we
concede the desktop to some crappy monopolist,
the monopolist will then be able to dictate what's
in the server room as well.

Anything that compromises server performance is tossed
out of the kernel.

Actually what he said is anything that improves
high-end performance at the expense of the
common case is rejected - he's been quite
clear on that. IBM for instance has submitted
numerous modifications to increase performance
on monster 16-way servers, but linus refused to
take them unless and until the modifications were
reworked so as not to penalize performance for
the average desktop or laptop system.

This includes some of the optimizations that are
required to make an OS that runs games or other "near real time" processes
efficiently and effectively.

Hard realtime is one thing, but low latency and
smooth multimedia performance has been a main
goal of the 2.5 series - there is absolutely no
reason whatever why linux can't do games or
other desktop applications as well as anybody -
and from what I've seen of 2.5, it'll do very well
indeed, if given half a chance.

Best Regards,


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