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Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

Jef, substitute "database" for "game", rewind to
1998 and re-read your statements.

Sounds really lame huh? the only difference is
the 20-20 hindsight we now have about the db
market - in 1998, all the pundits made dire and
negative predictions for linux as a database
platform, just as you're now doing for linux as a
gaming platform.

Best Regards,


Jef Spaleta wrote:

And a mature linux game publishing industry actually willing to provide
a wide array of native linux offerings on the same timescale of windows
offerings, beyond the stagnant fps genre. Oh and enough linux users
willing to actually pay for things to make such a "linux first" game
industry a viable business model, such that its worth the time and
energy creating the linux game to begin with. When game development
houses start seeing linux as credible enough platform to donate some
developer time at open source projects like X and the kernel...well then
it will be interesting. When game developers feel invested enough to
open source community, that they start impacting the development of core
projects, as a means to garner more profit form themselves through
better gaming performance on the linux platform....then linux gaming
will be a force in the market. As it stands now..linux gaming is an
experiment in the "potentials" of linux.

I don't really think it makes sense to expect linux to grow up with
gaming in mind, at least unless the game developers looking to make a
profit off of linux via game sells, start to actively become involve in
aspects of linux development they are looking to profit from..reap what
you sow..reap what you sow.

-jef"just bitter because pyDDR just isn't the same as the real thing"spaleta

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