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Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

jdow wrote:

Joe, you hit upon the reason I stick around and am considered a PITA
in some circles, particularly kernel circles. I keep reminding them
that it is possible to build a kernel such as NT has that demonstrates
remarkably good near-enough-to-real-time performance.

nt? realtime? doesn't sound like any nt I've ever seen...

(I tried this on an older Linux kernel contemporary to the NT 4 and
thin Ethernet days. I didn't even reduce the data. It was over 250ms

Driver efficiency was probably a factor.

2.2 vintage linux performed acceptably in most situations, and
was stable, but some scenarios could make it perform badly -
sounds like you ran into one of those scenarios. Disk I/O is one
area where windows does really well, and linux has historically
neglected - the attitude was "as long as you have enough RAM,
and can keep the working set in RAM, linux rocks!" True, but in
some cases the poor block I/O made linux look really bad.

which corroborated the general Linux "sluggish response" feel that
makes it a poor gaming platform.

I've certainly found linux to be an acceptable game platform I'm not seeing the "sluggishness" you report.

In the 2.4 kernel, scalability and networking improved a great
deal - back in the summer of 2000, linux started smashing
specweb records with beta versions of the 2.4 kernel. Linux
still holds the records for 1, 2 and 4 way web server results,
last time I checked anyway -

There are still weaknesses for instance in disk I/O performance,
but the block I/O in 2.5 has been rewritten and is more efficient
and scalable. General latency is much improved as well, such that
the "low latency" patches are no longer required for good gaming
performance - the 2.5 kernel tends to be low latency by nature.

I dearly wish I had a practical alternative to NT/2K/XP.

Practical alternative? sheesh, do we ever live in different worlds. I see windows nt/2k/xp every day - and I provide the tech support for my dear wife, who uses w2k.

Oh God how I wish!

I use linux all day every day - and unlike you, I have no wish
to find an alternative, since Linux gives me far less grief than
windows ever did - (Well, there are problems, but they mostly
boil down to market share and it's effects)

But Linux ain't there.

Not where?

Wow, I guess I'm not sure where "there" is - but apparently
not anywhere I want or need to go - unless "there" is referring
to the market share and vendor support enjoyed by the pc
software giant.

I'll grant that microsoft has taken some baby steps towards
better reliability and managability, but windows has still got a
long way to go before I'd consider using it instead of Linux.

Best Regards,

"just another overextended sa with
too many mouths to feed",


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