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Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

I tried Mandrake during RH 5.2 days. I dual booted both versions through 6.x.
Then I recently tried it out and discovered that you could no longer upgrade
to mandrake versions from Red Hat. Also, my video card wasn't setup
sucessfully with my recent try at installing their beta 9.1 version
Therefore, I couldn't really check out their distribution.

I think that the main thing that kept me away from the company was library
conflicts, which were probably the major reason for me. But also, going to
their website and seeing the guilt trips that they had about financial
support being needed by me, as a user, kept me away for the most part.

I'll have to check out how bad off they are currently. I haven't checked
since the original announcement regarding the filing.

Since this subject matter was originally about the reduction in support
cycles to the earlier releases. I do have to admit that the first thing that
popped into my head was the "Other OS" and NT4, W95, W98 and earlier versions
being discontinued from support. For them, it is considered by me as selling
me something, then running out on me, for my concerns. For Red Hat, I look at
this organization, as a constantly improving distribution. Therefore, I am
not stuck without support. I will only be directed toward upgrading the
version to a later version. But for instances that I'd like to keep some of
the older machines going. I might need to run an earlier distribution. for
these instances, it would be nice to see limited security maintenence. But I
guess this type of support will have to be maintained be other groups of
users that are gurus in programming.

For an instance that older hardware needing earlier distributions to run
correctly on. My laptop is a great example. All versions above RH7.2 cannot
successfully log out of X and back into the terminal mode. My mingetty
sessions are there, but my display runs wild. It uses the S3 generic driver.

I am running phoebe on this machine. But it really seems to be stuck at
version 7.2. I think that some level of support for older hardware should be
maintained. It seems that a lot of people use older hardware and choose linux
to "breath some new life" into these machines. The plus about using older
hardware as challenges to technology is that you really see the lesser
performance caused by some of the advancements. If you can make these old
machines work better and faster. It seems that the newer hardware will also
benefit from the improved performance.


Jef Spaleta wrote:

> On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 14:34, Charles Griffin wrote:
> > How about Red Hat Linux Gaming Edition?  I like the
> > sound of that.  :)
> Didn't mandrake try that? Didn't mandrake file for bankrupcy protection?
> Are you asking for Red Hat to file for bankrupcy?
> -jef"connecting the dots"spaleta
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Democracy is a form of government that substitutes election by the
incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.
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