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RTL kernels - Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

jdow wrote:

> From: "joe" <joe tmsusa com>
> > Jef, substitute "database" for "game", rewind to
> > 1998 and re-read your statements.
> >
> > Sounds really lame huh? the only difference is
> > the 20-20 hindsight we now have about the db
> > market - in 1998, all the pundits made dire and
> > negative predictions for linux as a database
> > platform, just as you're now doing for linux as a
> > gaming platform.
> >
> >
> > Best Regards,
> Joe, you hit upon the reason I stick around and am considered a PITA
> in some circles, particularly kernel circles. I keep reminding them
> that it is possible to build a kernel such as NT has that demonstrates
> remarkably good near-enough-to-real-time performance. For income I
> program some fancy Matrox professional video cards used for broadcast
> video on the air in real time. We get frame accurate performance out
> of the system. I also do some "show control", which is a sort of
> highly specialized brand of process control aimed at theatrical, venue,
> theme park presentations. In some ways it looks like a sequencer. In
> other ways it looks like a highly human interactive process controller.
> We've used two machines, two copies of the show control software, two
> DLLs that convert MIDI to and from UDP/IP messages, and a thin coax
> Ethernet to maintain 2ms RMS timing jitter over an hour's testing.
> (I tried this on an older Linux kernel contemporary to the NT 4 and
> thin Ethernet days. I didn't even reduce the data. It was over 250ms
> RMS, which corroborated the general Linux "sluggish response" feel that
> makes it a poor gaming platform.
> I dearly wish I had a practical alternative to NT/2K/XP. Oh God how I
> wish! But Linux ain't there. And it's the only other OS with the name
> awareness that customers might accept it after some debacles with the
> likes of BeOS (damn good - too bad it died in practical terms) and
> AmigaDOS.
> {^_^}    Joanne "The Pest" {^_-}
> --
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> Phoebe-list redhat com
> https://listman.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/phoebe-list

Someone at work talks about using robotic devices with real time linux
kernels. I haven't tried out those kernel versions, but I was wondering if
these versions were ever tried out for gaming and with the functionality
and time critical process need to be real alternatives to the NT4, 5 and
5.1 alternatives.


I guess the Little League is even littler than we thought.
                -- D. Cavett

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