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Re: RTL kernels - Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:

Someone at work talks about using robotic devices with real time linux
kernels. I haven't tried out those kernel versions, but I was wondering if
these versions were ever tried out for gaming and with the functionality
and time critical process need to be real alternatives to the NT4, 5 and
5.1 alternatives.

You're kidding right?

There are at least 3 hard realtime linux solutions
I can think of - this is used where you absolutely
have to respond in 150 microseconds, not 500
or 850. The question is, could windows ever be
a real alternative to realtime linux - from the way
the embedded market is moving to linux, I think
the answer is fairly clear....

As for gaming, a hard realtime linux kernel would
probably be way overkill - the latency distribution
of the 2.5 kernel will probably be more than good
enough for the most hard core gamer....

Best Regards,


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