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Re: RTL kernels - Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

joe wrote:

> Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:
> >Someone at work talks about using robotic devices with real time linux
> >kernels. I haven't tried out those kernel versions, but I was wondering if
> >these versions were ever tried out for gaming and with the functionality
> >and time critical process need to be real alternatives to the NT4, 5 and
> >5.1 alternatives.
> >
> You're kidding right?

About the NT4, NT5 and NT5.1 or about using NT as a solution? I heard about
the robotic use by the person that uses this version for his purposes.. From
my understanding of what he said about his usage. He uses RH for the base and
uses the realtime kernel in addition, for the robotics

About the 2.5 kernel being a lot better with speed and such, I'd like to see
it included and integrated within the distribution. I don't see any conflict
with releasing an odd numbered distribution with an odd numbered kernel
version. The whole backporting features seem to be like trying to satisfy all
of the depedecies needed for certain programs to work. If a crucial system
factor was not listed in the dependacies, figuring out the needed libs or base
programs would be very hard to accomplish.

Thanks for your insight into embedded devices and linux and the overkill to
use the realtime kernel for gaming purposes. With the fully updating to
rawhide acts that I've heard from this list. Thetre might be a lot of trials
for using the realtime version for gaming, without your insight into the

Forgive me for the idea. I just like for things to work. I don't play many
computer games. I'm more interested in multimedia and general computer tasks.


> There are at least 3 hard realtime linux solutions
> I can think of - this is used where you absolutely
> have to respond in 150 microseconds, not 500
> or 850. The question is, could windows ever be
> a real alternative to realtime linux - from the way
> the embedded market is moving to linux, I think
> the answer is fairly clear....
> As for gaming, a hard realtime linux kernel would
> probably be way overkill - the latency distribution
> of the 2.5 kernel will probably be more than good
> enough for the most hard core gamer....
> Best Regards,
> Joe
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