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Odd behavior in gnome-terminal


This may be a subject better suited for the gnome mailing list, but
since I started experiencing the problem when I started running phoebe I
thought I'd start here.

I frequently have to connect to cisco routers and terminal servers which
use an escape sequence of ctrl-shift-6 to cancel a process or drop back
to the terminal servers main prompt. Using gnome-terminal on phoebe,
this doesn't work... I end up with a nice little "6 in a box" that
disappears when I release the keys. I've checked gnome-terminals
keybindings and ctrl-shift-6 is not used. I consider this broken
functionality, as it worked before (rh8.0 with garnome 0.21.2) and works
just fine in xterm.

Anyone have any ideas about how to work around this problem (besides
avoiding gnome-terminal)?


Joshua Legbandt <jtlegbandt earthlink net>

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