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Re: Package management.

HoytDuff wrote:
On Saturday 15 March 2003 10:02, Jeffrey D. Spaleta wrote:

Should Red Hat make it easy for you to point and click you way to install

So far, yes, I beleive it should.

or more importantly UPGRADE packages that don't live up to Red Hat's QA

For this, no, not even for the home/hobbiest user.

That's why third-party opportunities abound to fill in this gap. Fedora is one such third-party. For the unwashed masses (myself included), installing apt/synaptic and forever ignoring the RH package app is the way to go. That solves everyone's problems nicely.

It sounds like the use of apt-get is a great temptation that will be used by many for shortcomings with program revisions and program inclusions. I was burned a couple of times with using apt-get in an unconventional manner and can understand why the trust and responsibilities would conflict so much. I do however feel that it is most likely needed for some alternative program to be included with RH's future releases. Needing the updated comp.rpm for each new run for continuing program enhancements might be the best theoretical approach, to protect the integrity of RH installations. But with the mp3 exclusion and probably future program exclusions within the distributions. There seems to be a great need for such utilities.

I'm avoiding the use of apt-get for this third phase of the beta cycle. But after the next release becomes finalized and such, I will most likely use this sort of program to retrieve desired programs, mostly multimedia related.

I am discouraged from subscribing to RHN for support reasons though. It seems pointless to have a lot of limitations in certain programs to not be available, then because of the desire or need for going third party to get them. Support is refused, because of the third party programs.

We'll see how the program availability with newer versions of RH go. If more desired programs are available and the support for such is there. I feel that RHN subscriptions might be a worthwhile pursuit.

I doubt it that it will pan out. But predictions are only individuals points of view.


If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, then
you clearly don't understand the situation.

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