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Re: Wither Pilot Memo Sync'ing for Evolution?

David Krider wrote:

>I'm just noticing that the memo conduit is gone in
>Phoebe3's version of Evolution. What's up with that?
I >looked in bugzilla about it, but found nothing. It
was >there in ... oh wait. That must have been in
>Desktop on my 7.3 machine. I guess it's too late to
>complain about it for 8.1. Guess I'll have to wait
for >Ximian desktop 2.0 for 8.1...

It wasn't in 8.0 either. Does Evolution even have this
capability? I switched from using the Memo List to
having use the To Do list on my Palm specifically
because of this problem.  I had been using Kmail and
Jpilot for a while, but once I switched to Evolution
with RH 8.0 I just assumed Evo didn't have Memo
capability. I'd be interested in hearing if that's
possible to fix since I don't really consider
Gnome-pilot or maybe more-so Evolution finished until
it can properly sync Memos.


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