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Re: RTL kernels - Re: Latest UTB Newsletter

On Fri, 14 Mar 2003, Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:

>About the 2.5 kernel being a lot better with speed and such, I'd like to see
>it included and integrated within the distribution. I don't see any conflict
>with releasing an odd numbered distribution with an odd numbered kernel
>version. The whole backporting features seem to be like trying to satisfy all
>of the depedecies needed for certain programs to work. If a crucial system
>factor was not listed in the dependacies, figuring out the needed libs or base
>programs would be very hard to accomplish.

There is zero chance of a x.<odd number>.y kernel going into any
Red Hat Linux release.  Kernels with odd numbers in the minor
version are specifically unstable development kernels by
definition, and regardless of what good or experiences any
individual experiences while using them on a specific computer or
computers, the development kernel series is unsuitable for
widespread deployment in a stable operating system environment,
and there is no chance of it ever occuring in an official
supported Red Hat Linux OS release.

Mike A. Harris     ftp://people.redhat.com/mharris
OS Systems Engineer - XFree86 maintainer - Red Hat

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