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Re: Package management.

Michael Knepher wrote:
On Sat, 2003-03-15 at 04:09, Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:

I am discouraged from subscribing to RHN for support reasons though. It seems pointless to have a lot of limitations in certain programs to not be available, then because of the desire or need for going third party to get them. Support is refused, because of the third party programs.

I'm not sure what you're saying here. Are you saying it's your belief
that if you install, say, xmms-mp3*rpm from freshrpms.net, that Red Hat
will no longer provide support?

The impression that I am getting from a lot of the issues regarding support is this. If you do not have exactly the same versions of software that is available for the release that you are running, then support is shunned. If you want a program that is not provided by red hat and install it to meet your needs, support is shunned. If you use a developmental kernel or build your own customized kernel, even using the source from RH and a production release, the same results, not supported.

It is alright for someone that does not need support and does not pay for support. But for someone that is paying for a subscription, it is a reverse of circumstances. For freeloaders, like myself, RH is the host and I don't expect support. But if I paid for support, RH is the servant and should cater to my needs, regardless of my individualized needs and system structure.

I don't know how it will all play out. But I am in the thinking that subscribed users will expect more than an unsupported ploy, on their part.


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