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Re: Package management.

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On Sun, 16 Mar 2003 18:12:24 +0200 (EET), Panu Matilainen wrote:

> > > I do have a problem however, including a packaging tool like apt-get in
> > > Red Hat, and having  someone like my mom, try to use it to download a
> > > program she wants from some random apt repository, and having apt-get try
> > > to uninstall such core  things as glibc and replace them with a non Red
> > > Hat version. Sounds funny doesn't. I've seen people
> > > show up in irc complaining about situations like that with apt, just
> > > recently in fact.
> > 
> > Yes, the increasing number of people who use apt4rpm to mix in
> > packages from Raw Hide or the current public beta. Somehow they
> > manage to break their system completely and complain about the
> > distribution or Linux in general. A good package management tool
> > would shield the ordinary user from touching core components by
> > mistake.
> How's the poor package management tool supposed to know which of foo, bar
> and fuzz is core component? RPM's don't have a priority tag like .deb's do
> so there's simply no way a tool can automatically protect users from
> messing with core components. apt-rpm has "rpmpriorities" file for this
> purpose but that's simply leaving the job of deciding whats important and
> what's not to apt packager and end user -> doesn't work terribly well.

Well, one could work with additional distribution-specific lists of
package names. Another way would be to divide the package
repositories into well-defined classes and ask the user explicitly
from which classes to install. I just think that with e.g. apt4rpm
it's too easy to point the tool to a repository of unstable/testing
packages and pull in lots of core dependencies because the GNOME 2.2
or KDE 3.1 versions contained within the repository are so attractive.

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