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Re: No sound on boot

Graydon wrote:
Why is it that I don't have sound support when the machine reboots, and
have to re-run redhat-config-soundcard?

This is the second machine I've had this problem on, and they're very
different (K6/Ensonique vs K7/VIA AC97) in terms of hardware.
Everything works nicely once I've re-run the config program, and it
produces the same modules.conf file every time, so I have some trouble
understanding what the problem might be.

Anyone else observed this?

Are you running GNOME or KDE? I have an AC97 type of card also and it seems to work with every boot.

While checking out setup. I found out that the other sound configuration tool is not listed there any more. I hope that these redhat-config-features will be accessible with some sort of "command center", where all the programs are on some sort of switchboard. rhc-setup or something similar.


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