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Wishlist: Source-based option

I just took a hiatus from using my computer....nah, I'm just kidding.  I
just tried out Sorcerer, the sources-based distribution.  The premise is
good, but man is the total package a mess!  (In case you're curious,
here's my experience: First time, I got X and XMMS to install, but
nothing else would compile after that.  Second time, I got the kernel
installed and it wouldn't install anything, 'cause it was looking for
"sp".  Third time, it wouldn't boot after installation.  Fourth time, I
got as far as successfully installing Mozilla, XMMS, and a handful of
the tiny window managers, and it refused to install anything after that,
giving undefined errors.  Keep in mind that I used the same settings
every time, which means that this is a terribly flaky OS.)

Despite the awful experience, I still like the idea of telling your
system to just download and install everything from source code.  I'd
like to see an option for RH to do that.  For example, instead of
rpm-ing from the first 3 CDs, rpmbuild-ing from the last 3 CDs.  Perhaps
it would be possible to also select to directly download from Rawhide at
install time (maybe even selecting specific packages to get from
Rawhide).  Plus, it may be very useful in some circumstances to
configure and compile the kernel at install time, too, all while still
making the precompiled kernel available.  (I don't like the idea of
downloading from the publishers of each and every file.  That takes too
much of a chance.)  Of course, building from source takes a toll on
reliability, and since RH is the flagship of Linux reliability, it might
be best for this to be either a hidden or an obscure option so that
unwitting users don't stumble upon it.

Also please please add an option to allow local use of the system
without passwords.  If worried about security, maybe it could be an
option in the installer.

Sadly, I'm back to 8.0 (again).  So are all my other systems.  I'll just
hold off until 8.1 is released.

Have fun, guys.

-Benjamin Vander Jagt

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