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Re: Mozilla 1.3??

Thomas Dodd wrote:

David Krider wrote:

snooker tb wrote:

I loaded up phoebe 094 with the latest mozilla 1.3 release and it is working fine, so far. Slightly faster and
better screen draws are the most notable new features. It seems to work smoother as well. Good update.

It's smoother because it's not doing anti-aliasing.

Which version is the, the GTK2 version or the Xft version?
One of those should "just work" if not both.
Did you try both yet?

I'm grabbing both SRPMS now, and will try them this weekend on
my phoebe3 box, my RHL-8.0 box, and my RHL-8.0 + gnomehide + XF86-4.3 + kernel-2.4.21p5ac3 + more stuff I don't remember boxes.

I build the gtk2 packages from source and it appears fine to me. The font lists show all the font I have, and they look good to me.

Any particular page/fon combination you want to check, I'll send a screen shot of it and you can tell me if aa is enabled or not.


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