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Re: Wishlist: Source-based option

Some time ago, I made an idiotically simple script to rebuild all the
Phoebe-3 SRPMs. 
http://www.angelfire.com/biz/vanderjagtcomputers/Phoebe-3_Rebuilding_Scripts.html  It took about a day to rebuild everything.  I didn't notice anything working better or faster, but my memory usage at startup dropped by about 10%.  Plus, playing an MP3 took 0% CPU instead of between 0.7% and 1.3% that it took before.  However, these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, since it's possible that a previously functional service had been replaced by a broken one.

One thing this script is truly useful for is installing some or all of
the Phoebe SRPMs into Psyche.

As for what Mike A. Harris said...

Just realize it wont ever happen unless someone else makes their own Red
Hat based distribution perhaps as a hobby effort, and rolls their own,
driven by the hobbiest 1337 k00ln3ss factor, and not by things that
really matter.

Wow, that's kind of inspirational.  ;-)  I may just try it.

I understand what you're saying about the tech-support nightmare, but
perhaps it could be a hidden option with an "as-is" warning, just like
beta-test versions of Red Hat.  I mean, I could just as easily download
the sources myself, install stuff and mess up my computer, and then
whine on Bugzilla.  (In fact, as goofy as it sounds, the "sorcery"
program works just fine under Red Hat.)

As for what it would do for Red Hat, it would increase the base of users
that would choose Red Hat, therefore making proper Red Hat the default
standard Linux distribution, meaning that more prospective technicians
and engineers would choose RHCE as well as subscriptions.

Using a source-based installation option seems to be Sorcerer's way of
circumventing nVidia's intellectual property bologna.  Perhaps it could
even be a way to get MPEG.  (Sort of a Napster thing.)  Of course, right
now I'm running oggasm to convert all my MP3 files to OGG, but imagine
adding oggasm to the installable software without even adding it to the
distribution.  Even oddball things, like the Quake 3 engine, ePsxe,
obscure video editors, etc., can be easily installed by people who know
nothing about command line, without bloating the Red Hat download, all
while still providing the standard Red Hat software set with legendary
RH reliability.

Now that I think about it, a better way to go about it is basically to
create something of a sorcerer addon for Red Hat.  (Of course, you'll
get more converts if you have it first.  ;-)

On a side note, I don't understand what everyone's saying about using
AMD chips for their heat source.  They average one degree (centigrade)
cooler than P4s.  (Hah, Evolution's dictionary has "centigrade", but not
"celsius".)  When I used the recommended copper fan, all my Athlon chips
ran around 101F.  A client of mine has six Duron 750 systems with
el-cheapo fans, and his chips all run two degrees cooler than human body
temp.  (Granted, now mine runs at 140 degrees with a fan advertised for
it's quietness.)

--Benjamin Vander Jagt

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