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Where's Phoebe?

Just wondering where I should go to get the latest isos/info. Redhat doesn't splash beta news on their main page the way Mandrake does, and googling brings up isos from December. I can't believe Redhat hasn't updated the isos by now.
Oh, and while I'm asking questions here's a few more :)

1. If I'm running Redhat 8.0 with a free up2date account will I be able to use up2date with the beta on the same computer as well? I understand I only get one free entitlement per ip. But it'd be really annoying to have to update the beta manually. Which brings me to my next question...

2. Given that Redhat has a good automatic online update tool, will it be necessary to install the 8.1 final isos over my beta install when the come out? Or can I just use up2date to keep my system current? I'm sure I can in theory. But as a wise man named Homer once said: "In theory Marge, in theory. In theory communism works."

Thanks again folks.

Jeremy Gregorio
gunvalk cox net

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