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Re: no support w/2.5 kernel installed. Spelling, no big deal 4 me

John Logsdon wrote:
Hi all

I have been following this seriously off-topic thread for a little while
now and can't resist a few words.  Indulge me please!  2.5 has been
forgotten a long time ago.

Good points regarding the off-topic subject of languages and their "bugs". I liked Jarod's comments as well.

The 2.4 kernel, I assume, is feature frozen. So you should be stuck with certain limitations. If you want the next level of features. You should go to the next level for the kernel.From what I got from my brief reading regarding the 2.5 kernel, it is feature frozen also. Now, to bring it up to the non-developmental level, you have to fine tune the features that the kernel has.

My view, is that the 2.5 will go to 2.6 quicker, if it is tamed by active development and real world usage. My view is that backporting features to the 2.4 kernel is a move that will hinder the refinements for the 2,5 version to become the 2.6 series.

For production purposes, if absolute stability is needed qnd some of the features for 2.5 are needed or desired. Either a stub from the 2.5 should be added to work secondarily with the 2.4 kernel. (2.4 kernel is the master controller and the features from the 2.5 stub must make calls to the 2,4 kernel.) In other words, a 2.4-20xx kernel ought to be alongside the current developmental code, Refinements to the code are fine. Additional ports are not pulled backwards from the higher versions of the kernel, unless they are agreed to by the community of developers, for that kernel revision.


We are currently trying a new concept of using a live mouse. Unfortuantely, one has yet to survive being hooked up to the computer.....please bear with us.

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