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Re: SiS 650 chipset (fwd)

Thanks, it would be nice/beneficial for it to be auto-detected as such by
the installer then, I know SiS keep everything 'close to their chest' and
point blank refuse to support linux, might be why its not included as 650
I do notice some of the colours are different, like bright cyan is more of
a duller blue (sorta like seen on police cars with the blues turned OFF)
and some others as well, guess I'll get used to it in time :)

Curious though....what audio format do you use ? I find (admittedly being
concentrating on video till now) I can't use dsp1, I used to use xmms on
there so it wouldnt upset mozilla and throw everything into a que, one
bonus of this setback is it doesnt que so means I don't have to stop
xmms just to load some web pages.


On Sun, 22 Mar 2003, Brian Craft wrote:

> On Sat, 2003-03-22 at 05:25, Res wrote:
> > Still curious about this in teh offcial releases by RH....
> >

> I just bought a Desknote A928 with the SiS 650 chipset and installed
> Redhat 8.1 beta 3 Phoebe and while it didn't have the SiS 650 as an
> option during install, it did have the SiS 630 which seemed to work fine
> for me at 1024x768  32 bit color.  Not sure if this helps, but it worked
> for me.


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