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Re: kernel compile on phoebe 3

Todd Booher wrote:
Has anyone attempted to install a 2.5 dev kernel on phoebe 3 and can point
me to some docs/issues associated with the install? Thanks,


I had success with 2.5.65 on Phoebe3 after hacking modutils to include module-init-tools, the new mini-tools required for handling kernel modules. I have a test SRPM here but I don't feel comfortable releasing it yet because it needs to be upgraded to Red Hat's latest bugfixes first. If you use a replacement modutils RPM it also requires a small change to mkinitrd or subsequent 2.4 kernel installation will fail.

I'm currently running 2.5.65-ac3. I'm totally amazed by the speed and interactivity improvements in the scheduler, it seems that the desktop is very smooth even during heavy load. I can't wait for this to be standard and shipped with distros in 2.6.x kernels. =)

I managed to get everything working in 2.5.65 for my Sony Vaio FXA36 Athlon laptop except alsa kernel modules wont load automatically despite my entires to /etc/modprobe.conf (replacement of /etc/modules.conf). This kernel version also seems to handle Athlon ACPI throttling and PowerNow for the first time. Finally Linux is viable on my laptop during battery operation.

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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