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Re: Pre-announcement?

On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 10:21:04PM +0000, iostream attbi com wrote:
> While I do not see a problem with this policy, people have brought
> up a good point.  RHCE expiration is based on the release cycle of
> the regular RH product, not the Enterprise product.  Surely Red Hat
> will see that the RHCE if of little interest to people outside of
> the business world.  By bringing up the release numbers so quickly,
> you are expiring RHCEs artificially shortly.  Just recommending that
> you put the bug in an ear or two up the chain.  Lets face it,
> Enterprise Linux is still based on 7.x is it not? So why not make
> the RHCE go by Enterprise releases instead?

Red Hat Global Learning Services wasn't left out of the discussions
that resulted in this new direction.  They have a plan developed but
are waiting until we officially launch Red Hat Linux 9 to provide
details.  Please bear with us as we go though this transition.


msw redhat com
Matt Wilson
Manager, Base Operating Systems
Red Hat, Inc.

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