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Re: Pre-announcement?

Matthias Saou wrote:
Matt Wilson <msw redhat com> wrote :

I hope this sheds a little light on "why 9 and not 8.1".

Now, I'd like to hear the "why 9 and not 9.0" though, as even you consider
this a ".0" release! ;-)
And having had "7", with later "7.{1,2,3}" was more than confusing, not to
mention that now there will have been "8.0" without any "point something
else than 0" releases to follow it!

Matthias, confused

There are a lot of windows to rh linux converts that will probably be discontented also. This market might need application updates for the 8.0 release version. This might be an avenue to offshoot for support to this discontinued series. I'd hate for them to go back to microsoft. continued development on RH8 derivitives for distributions sounds like an open gateway.

Also a bit disappointed with certain recent developments, and confused.


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