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Re: RHL 9 - concerns

On 2003-03-25 at 00:14:02+0100 Andreas-Johann Ulvestad <aj nixia no> wrote:
> it's a _well known_ fact that you never ever run .0-releases.

Really?  Hmmm.  Perhaps it's just my imagination that our site's DNS,
SMTP, and NTP servers have been working flawlessly for months, then.


(The only real problem with 8.0 on server-class machines was the
very-hard-to-squash tg3 driver hang bug, which bit people running SMP
systems--particular Dell PowerEdge 2650 systems.  But Jeff finally
nailed that one with 2.4.18-26.8.0.)

Personally, I think the whole ".0 releases are always buggy" is mostly
a result of the confirmation basis.  Simply put, after people have
formed their conclusions, they then tend to over-emphasize data which
support their conclusions, and under-emphasize data which don't
support their conclusions...

James Ralston, Information Technology
Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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