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Re: kernel compile on phoebe 3

Samuel Flory <sflory rackable com> wrote:
> Mary Ellen Foster wrote:
> >So far, all of my attempts to boot with a self-compiled 2.5.65 kernel
> >get through Grub to the point of "Ok, booting the kernel." and then just
> >freeze at that point, with no further messages on the screen. 
> > 
> >
>  Try adding "console=tty0".

This wasn't actually my problem, but it did point to the solution of the
(immediate) problem. It was, as mentioned in other posts already, the
"console on virtual terminal" issue. I guess that's not enabled in the
default kernel config or something? 

I'm almost there now. Other things I had to do to get to this point:

- Install the 2.4-backwards-compatible RPM of modutils (a pointer to
  this was given in a previous posting too);

- Edit one line in /etc/rc.sysinit to remove "&& [ -f /proc/ksyms ]".
  I'm on a RH7.3 machine right now so I can't give the exact location or
  syntax of the line, but on this machine the line in question looks
  (before editing) like:

    if ! grep -iq nomodules /proc/cmdline >/dev/null 2>&1 && [ -f /proc/ksyms ]; then

- Run "/sbin/generate_modprobe.conf /etc/modprobe.conf" to create
  /etc/modprobe.conf. Before I did this, I was getting failures to load
  lots of "char-major-[whatever]" modules at boot.

- I also found that if I just "make install" the kernel, it *does* put
  an entry into my /boot/grub/grub.conf pointing at the new kernel, but
  it uses the same (RedHat-specific?) "root=LABEL=/" syntax that the
  entry for my current kernel uses. The new kernel doesn't like this;
  you have to change it to "root=/dev/hda5" or wherever your root
  partition is.

Still not quite there, but I think my problems at the moment are just
down to not choosing the right configuration in the actual kernel
compile. At least I now get error messages so I can track this down! :)


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