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Re: RHL 9 - concerns

> On Tue, Mar 25, 2003 at 03:12:01PM -0500, Gerald Henriksen wrote:
>> ** By releasing a WS product based on obsolete products (Gnome 1.4)
>> Red Hat has ensured that the 5 year support time frame is a joke
>> because few prospective customers will be able to use WS for 5 years
>> without moving to Gnome2, thus forcing an additional purchase of WS
>> inside our hypothetical 4 year planning period.
> FWIW, I believe at least some of the subscriptions come with upgrades
> built in (they are subscriptions to Enterprise Linux not to a
> particular version of it). If this isn't spelled out properly on the web
> site, if you call or email sales they could tell you definitively.

Point being, it's becoming too bloody americanized. People are starting to
look for other alternatives... People are sick of the Microsoft-model with
Advanced Server, Blabal Enterprise, etc etc etc etc. That was the beauty
of everything - Red Hat Linux, end of story. But now we need to run RHAS
2.1 on some things (I think?), if you want to have you rdesktop updated,
you need to purchase an enterprise edition or face an upgrade each n
months, etc.

A funny thing actually... a salesperson at CeBit told me that the advanced
server (or was it enterprise? I couldn't care less) edition had a maximum
of 2 CPUs... great, so we need to purchase another license for those old
quad pentium 200's we've got running backup and filservers?

This is getting too stupid and complicated.

When you see students etc are switching over to everything else because
they  think it's too stupid.. well, that's a clear sign. Students today,
in 2 years they're sysadmins.

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