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Re: I just inserted a blank CD-R...

James Jones wrote:
Tino Meinen wrote:

Op di 25-03-2003, om 16:17 schreef James Jones:

...and I am extremely impressed with what happened. Burning a CD-R doesn't get any easier than this. Darned good job.

James Jones

You should have a chat with Elton Woo :-)

Sigh...and I should've waited until the burn finished, too. The CD-R drive LED stayed on well after the progress window claimed the burn was finished, and the result of the burn was, if not a coaster, something that didn't automount at the least. (Looking at the business side of the disc, I see a band around the outside of the burned area that looks different from the rest of it.) Repeating the drag and drop burn gave the same results.

OTOH, when I fired up ccdrecord manually, I had no trouble.

I notice that I was given only two choices for speed: "maximum possible" and 1x. The drive was correctly identified, so I would hope that its notion of "maximum possible" really matches the maximum possible (6x; it's a Ricoh RW7063A).

In any case, the UI is certainly gorgeous.


It caches the files selected. My CDR wasn't a coaster. The list of files was not actually transferred to my CDR. But of course it didn't transfer. It shot at the reader.


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