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Re: Q: RH enterprise products license

** Reply to message from Tom Georgoulias <tom georgoulias motorola com> on Tue, 25 Mar 2003 14:29:13 -0600

> Miloslav Trmac wrote:
> > I don't know about that paragraph, but the interpretation that
> > 'if you have one RHEL subscription, moving RPMs to other computers
> > is breach of the contract' really seems like 'imposing further
> > restrictions on the recipient's exercise of the rights granted'
> > [by GPL].
> You aren't restricted by the additional licenses added to GPL software, 
> you are restricted by the subscription license agreement.  The software 
> source code is freely available, as required by the GPL, on the Red Hat 
> ftp site.  The subscription & RHN service is not freely distributed, and 
> that subscription license states that Red Hat will not support any 
> system that does not have a subscription.
> So it seems to me the only way to get RHEL without paying for it is to 
> download the SRPMS, build them yourself, and never get Red Hat involved 
> at all.

Then the trick would be to find freely downloadable RHEL SRPMS. No doubt RH knows this and will try to lock down the RHEL availability which is totally within their rights.

Most of the whining I am hearing would become mute if nobody had to pay a dime. However, RH needs to make a profit and they won't do that by being magnanimous. 


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