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Re: RHL 9 - concerns

Gerald Henriksen wrote:

How much longer are they going to want linux though if:

a) Linux is more expensive.  Take a company looking at deploying
either Linux or Windows XP to the desktop, for a 4 year period.  While
these companies expect to upgrade the applications over that 4 year
period they would prefer to keep OS changes to a minimum (ideally just
security updates and maybe drivers for new hardware if needed).  They

Microsoft Windows XP: $300.

plus virus protection utilities, plus apps,
plus yearly microsoft licensing costs -
and the hidden costs of worms, virii etc.

Red Hat Enterprise WS:

Optional -

There are always choices for savvy admins -

You can have relatively few, mission critical
servers in the server room running RHAS
or something like it -

On the desktop you could deploy RHAW if
you like it and think it's worthwhile, otherwise
you could run plain old consumer grade RH
if you prefer, or perhaps thin clients - or even
(gasp) S.u.S.E on the desktop, as some do.

Isn't choice wonderful?

On another note, lots of folks grumble about
Red Hat not being _that_ much cheaper than
ms windows, and threaten to go running back
to microsoft if Red Hat doesn't slash prices.

To me, price is the least of the reasons I use
Linux - if Red Hat and ms windows are at the
same price, guess what? It's a no-brainer, I'll
pick Red Hat  every time.

If Red Hat gets to be 10 times as expensive
as ms windows, that doesn't necessitate that
I move to a microsoft solution, but I will indeed
look for alternative linux vendors, or alternate
unixy OSes -

Bottom line for me is, it's not so much about the
price as it is the freedom, flexibility, the reliability
and the performance - I looked at Linux because
it was cheap - I stayed with Linux because it's
given me _far_ less grief than any other OS -

Best Regards,


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