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Re: RHL 9 - concerns

On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 17:00, Matthew Miller wrote:

> Yes. Red Hat, please remember that pretty much everyone on this list is on
> *your* side. We like Red Hat Linux and we like Red Hat the company. We want
> to see you succeed. People's concerns aren't really about what we can get
> out of you for free -- even if it might sound that way. Rather, we want Red
> Hat Linux to be the best thing for everyone.

I'm not on their side, and since I'm really posting most of the email to
this list using shadow accounts, I'd have to say this comment might
border on libel. Expect my lawyer to be contacting you shortly.
Or are you using the royal "We" and just expressing yer own opinion

>  It appears that your new
> policies may make Red Hat Linux a sub-optimal choice for a large chunk of
> "everyone" for which it was previously the best option. We're just letting
> you know.

Its already the sub-optimal choice...plan 9 is so much better.

-jef"genuflecting in yer general direction"spaleta

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