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Re: RHL 9 - concerns

Randall J. Parr wrote:

However, you say that business and consumers have different needs but I suspect a lot of businesses (at least small ones) have gone down the redhat route not realising that you were going to either force them onto a yearly upgrade cycle or have to pay >5 times(minimum) what they way paying for updates for each machine so that they don't have to upgrade each year.

I have small business clients in exactly this position and they are very, very unhappy with the recent news. They have been willing to spend money to buy Red Hat and RHN subscriptions for their servers. They had been forming plans to move their Windows workstations to Red Hat. Those plans have all come to a screeching halt.

Temporal Arts

I was assuming that the business model was based upon destruction and repulsion of businesses and home users.

I work for a company that went public and assume that the IPO part of the company is going the wrong way with this product. This move seems to be heading in the direction of "breaking all 1400 pieces" and trying to get money out of the remnants.

If the IPO folks want to force profits out of a product. They ought to invest in for profit prison industries. The employees cannot ask for raises, so the overhead is pretty well limited to the wardens, gaurds, etc.

You can't expect an open source and for the most part, freely developed product, to be forced upon the community.

From my personal dealings with IPOs, they are invested by folks that want to junkyard products.

Jim - Soon to be displaced by a whole country of forced and well controlled labor, China labor. (Similar to for profit prisons)

The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of an expanding bureaucracy.

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