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Re: Redhat 9.0

On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 11:53, Atul Chitnis wrote:
> On 26 Mar 2003, Peter Bowen wrote:
> > I'm sure that Red Hat Linux 8.0 Gold Master was cut well after the last
> > beta was released.  If you look at the ISO image they released
> > carefully, you will see it was cut on Sept 10, 2002.  
> I looked - very carefully. And it was Sep 11, to honour the anniversary of
> 9/11. touch {timedatestamp} will do that. Nice touch (ouch - bad pun).
> However, that was almost certainly not the date the Gold was cut. The 
> uniformity of file timedate stamps is usually a giveaway of touch at work.

Looking more carefully, you will see that the original name of the ISOs
is Psyche-re0910.rc2-i386-disc1-boxset.iso  and it was made on Tuesday,
September 10, 2002 at 4:51:36pm.  This might vary a little if you
downloaded your ISOs instead of purchasing the boxset.

I assure you that the Gold Master is cut after the last beta.


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