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Re: Redhat 9.0

Matt Wilson wrote:
On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 06:51:32PM -0500, Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:

Some of my favorite programs were eliminated also.



msw redhat com
Matt Wilson
Manager, Base Operating Systems
Red Hat, Inc.

mp3 and alternative utility programs. I got used to working with the setup program to manage my system. Now, a lot of the programs are no longer there. Gnorpm and a few of the other alternatives have been replaced with redhat-config-this and I now have to adapt to these programs interfaces and limitations.

I was struck with replacing netconf with some other program. Then have to get accustomed to using neat. Neat is alright for my 3com card, because it is in the listing. It is completely useless for my laptop though. There seems to be no way to bind unlisted cards with drivers that work for these cards, which are on the system.

My card for my laptop, which depends upon an /etc/pcmcia entry to be added does not work with the new version of /etc/pcmcia, when the same information is added to this file.

I find lynx, mc and similar programs valuable. They were here for the beta phase. I hope they remain within the new distros.

Not including gmc within the distribution as an alternative file manager is sort of a loss for me. GMC used to defaultly open the right applications upon clicking these files through the program. Nautilus used to always complain about no associated application. RPMs was one of the items where nautilus used to complain.

Fortune may not be a very useful program. But it is pretty well appreciated by me.

I have to say that the surprises in eliminating certain programs, before people become proficient in using the alternatives and the alternatives mature properly is a frustrating surprise.

I hope that this reply is helpful. I had to think about these disappearing programs, for a bit.

I use grub for a boot loader, mostly. But I have had to depend upon some of the alternative programs for bailouts.


The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of an expanding bureaucracy.

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