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WHY I won't buy Red Hat 9 from Red Hat

I won't buy RH 9 (Shrike) from Red Hat. Why? I'd rather wait till it appears 
in the local stores and buy my boxed set.  Maybe it's just *one* boxed set,
but if it means that I have to nag the local resellers, then it will give RH
exposure on the store shelves, and as a Red Hat fan, that is something
I'd like to see.

There's a RH 9 box (stickers, t-shirts, penguins notwithstanding) with
my name on it ... soon to be found in downtown Montreal.
.. correction: "soon to be found" ... scratch that! Here's what I've just
found (*surprise*, *surprise*,*surprise*!!) *goooolll---leee*!!

Camelot Info in downtown Montreal *already* has it!??


Elton ;-)

  "You only live once, so let's make life EASIER for each other."
  LINUX Registered User #193975. AMD-K7 ATHLON CPU power on board.


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