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Re: WHY I won't buy Red Hat 9 from Red Hat

On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 18:51, Elton Woo wrote:
> I won't buy RH 9 (Shrike) from Red Hat. Why? I'd rather wait till it appears 
> in the local stores and buy my boxed set.  Maybe it's just *one* boxed set,
> but if it means that I have to nag the local resellers, then it will give RH
> exposure on the store shelves, and as a Red Hat fan, that is something
> I'd like to see.
> There's a RH 9 box (stickers, t-shirts, penguins notwithstanding) with
> my name on it ... soon to be found in downtown Montreal.
> ... correction: "soon to be found" ... scratch that! Here's what I've just
> found (*surprise*, *surprise*,*surprise*!!) *goooolll---leee*!!
> Camelot Info in downtown Montreal *already* has it!??
> http://www.camelot.ca/en/item/208319.html?session_id=06d0eacc94e9693cb7974c702971e96f
> Elton ;-)

I actually think the opposite.  I never buy boxed Red Hat Linux.

Instead I pay directly to RHN.  That way almost 100% of my money goes
directly to Red Hat rather the sizable sum that is lost to overhead
(packaging, shipping, retail markup).  It is also environmentally
friendly since there is no packaging which is of little use to me.

(I also ask the nearby retail store if they would allow us to setup a
demo and let people see Linux in action.  "Linux Demo Day" attracted a
few new converts when say Linux in action.)


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