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Re: early review of RH 9 (Shrike)

I would not dare to second-guess Red Hat's Legal Department. BUT...
this is mighty strange: SUSE 8.1 http://www.suse.com/us/private/products/suse_linux/i386/multimedia.html

I checked the site and was impressed with this ability, the most.

CD ripping even works from Atapi CD-ROM/DVD-ROM devices without SCSI emulation. K3B supports CDDB via http, cddbp, or a local CDDB directory.

With the ide direct approach, it seems more reliable, at least in theory.


Mandrake 9.1:Multimedia and Games

Maybe it's some breach of logic, but from what one sees on the sites
of these two distributions, would it not be correct, then, to surmise that
*both* SUSe and Mandrake are violating the spirit of Open Source by
including MP3 support in their distros? ... or is Red Hat a "special,
favoured" target of Thompson?

... anyhow, it's no problem for me a "relatively seasoned" linux
user, but I can well imagine what a turn off it would be for newly
migrated Wintellians when they have to 'fudge about' to get mp3 support.
Like it or not, mp3 *is* the prevalent format, and as much as one
would like to see ogg become a popular standard, that IMVHO, will
not happen in the very near future.

But let's let the thread apropos mp3 die, here. ...maybe it's just that
I have a soft spot for Red Hat, and I'd like to see them dominate
the North American market (and NO, I don't own any RH shares!)

You will see the release notes next week with everyone else (or the week
after if you aren't a RHN subscriber and no one posts them between now and

That sounds more logical. I was referring to someone else who posted the opinion that the Phoebe release notes would suffice.


Please state the nature of the technical emergency

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