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RE: early review of RH 9 (Shrike)

On Sat, 29 Mar 2003, Todd Booher wrote:

>I think people (including myself) bring up the mp3 issue because
>we believe red hat 'can' be a legitimate desktop threat (not just
>a corporate desktop) with the addition of a few multimedia pieces
>missing.  Adding these pieces is not trivial for a non-technical
>user (mp3, dvd, mpg, avi, etc.) and therefore if they were included
>in the base install or an add-on pack, this would further the uptake
>of red hat in this demographic.
>Personally, I think you guys are selling yourself short in this 
>market.  People (including myself) are really looking for an
>alternative to closed source software for our daily computing needs
>and feel that red hat is very close. 
>As for the philosophical reasons, being true to the GPL is 
>commendable, I just wish their was another way to 'have our cake
>and eat it too."

[Replying on the bottom of your message to have proper 
 chronological ordering]

Red Hat definitely is not selling ourselves short. Red Hat did 
not get as far as we are now by making bad business decisions.  
We've gotten where we are now by making mostly good business 
decisions.  Microsoft *totally* dominates the desktop market, and 
at this point in time going up against them head to head in 
desktop space would be complete total utter suicide (IMHO).

There will be a time and a place for Linux on the home desktop. 
When and where it will be, and wether it will be something that 
can turn a profit remains to be seen.  When Red Hat believes it 
may be a viable market to enter, then I'm sure we will.

Personally, in my own opinion, I don't think it will be viable 
for at least 1.5 - 2 years minimum.  There are however companies 
out there that differ in opinion, and you can see them trying to 
enter this space right now, and "take on Microsoft" so to speak.

If any of them start being successful.....  I'm sure we're 

Mike A. Harris     ftp://people.redhat.com/mharris
OS Systems Engineer - XFree86 maintainer - Red Hat

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