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Fonts in GTK1.2 Apps

I'm trying to get gtk1.2 apps to have a different font. Specficially, I
want Evolution and Galeon to use Verdana in all their dialog boxes,
menus, etc. I have gotten X configured to use the font. I have edited
~/.gtkrc-kde and added ``include ".gtkrc.mine"'' at the bottom. I have
created ~/.gtkrc.mine and put

style "default" {
        fontset = "-microsoft-verdana-*-r-*-*-12-120-*-*-*-*-iso8859-15"
widget_class "*" style "default"

in it.

Galeon looks great. It's doing what I expect. However, there are still
parts of Evolution that aren't paying attention to the font changes. I
have gone into the "Font Preferences" part of Evolution's config, and
still it doesn't change. I would like to get the widgets involved in
previewing the headers of mail and in composing new mail to follow my
font preferences. Does anyone know where this is set?

Also, the way KDE works, it overwrites ~/.gtkrc-kde on every login. I
would like to create a simple script to append the "include" line after
getting logged in. Does anyone know how to put a script "in a startup
folder" under KDE?

Thanks in advance,

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