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Re: RHL 9 - concerns

On Sun, 2003-03-30 at 08:07, Denice wrote:

> Thanks a lot for responding.  One of the important assets of red hat linux
> are the mailing lists.  We know that there are ears listening. 

Is that the royal "we", or are you actually saying you speak for people
other than yourself. You may KNOW that ears are listening...but i
certainly don't KNOW that the RIGHT ears are listening...hell, mharris
doesn't even know for sure if the right ears are listening, and he knows
everything. Stop pretending this mailinglist is valuable in the way you
think it is. I highly doubt any complaints here about business poliy are
taken with much weight, compared to the people that call and email Red
Hat sales directly. If you are really concerned as a paying customer
about the new business policies, then you need to contact Red Hat
directly. This mailinglist is the wind....you can shout into it all you
want, it might even make you feel better...but you have no idea if
someone is hearing you or not.

>  It is one
> of the reasons that I'm doing the dog<==>bone thingy here.  I really
> don't believe that global computing politics vis-a-vis security
> make it easy to stop providing patches after a year, and I just want
> to be heard.
Want to be heard? Go stand and talk to the penguins at your local zoo,
that would be as effective as griping here about it. If you want to be
heard, get off the mailinglist, and pick up a phone to red hat sales.

-jef"really hopes the community based fedora project will be able to
meet the perceived support gap beyond EOL, with secure QA'd community
supplied updates, and encourages everyone concerned about the support
issues who is smart enough to help out, to look at fedora..and become a
part of a community solution instead of burdening Red Hat with long term
support issues contrary to their business model. There is room in the
ecosystem for someone other than Red Hat to provide support, and a
community based idea of the concerned and proactive userbase might be
the alternative."spaleta 

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